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Should colleges and universities open in person for the Fall 2020 semester?

The covid-19 pandemic has left the future of colleges and universities in a state of utter uncertainty. Across the world they are struggling to come up with safe and equitable strategies for reopening, but which one is best?

Yes – Students should be allowed back on campus for in-person classes

Colleges should reopen their doors in the Fall and allow students to come back to campus. Nothing can beat the on campus experience, and students deserve the opportunity to experience this.

Students learn better in person

Students are paying for a college education and therefore deserve the tools which enable them to learn. Colleges should have students back on campus so that they are able to get the most out of their education. Explore

Colleges depend on the room and board charge

All colleges are already struggling financially due Covid-19. Colleges still have high campus operation and maintenance fees usually covered by room and board charges. Campuses that remain online will have to pay these bills from their own reserves. Explore

Students depend on campus dorms for housing and facilities

Many students depend on students housing and accommodation during the year – a safe and stable space conducive to learning. The covid-19 pandemic forced colleges shut down, leaving many students who come from precarious household situations to fear for their future. Explore

No – Students should do the semester online and not come back to campus

The covid-19 pandemic is threat to everyone to various degrees, and all necessary precautions should be taken to limit the spread of infection.

Reopening college campuses is too dangerous

Repopulating college campuses threatens the lives of the faculty, staff, and surrounding communities. While most college students are healthy 18-22 year olds, the other people involved in the campus operation are not, and neither are those living in the surrounding communities who will suffer along side the colleges if and outbreak occurs. Explore

On campus and in-person classes will only lead to outbreaks

The social nature of college life and classroom experience will make it almost impossible to effectively prevent the spread of the virus Explore

It's impossible to plan ahead in such uncertain times

The Covid-19 pandemic changes on a daily basis, with new outbreaks popping up periodically across the country. Colleges have the impossible task of developing long term plans which will accommodate students, faculty and staff through the various changes to the status quo. Explore
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