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Is India a global superpower?

A world superpower is usually defined as a country that is capable of projecting its power and influence on a global scale. India's broad range of quality of life among its citizens and booming economy have put the country in a unique position in the world. It competes with leading superpowers in creating new technology and defense, yet most rural areas are still underdeveloped. Impoverished citizens often live in poor sanitation and without healthcare or clean water. Should India be considered a global superpower based on its greatest accomplishments, or are its domestic issues too severe?

Yes, India is a global superpower

India has proven itself as a global superpower with its numerous contributions to technology.

Indian Space Research Organization

India has one of the most advanced space programs in the world. Explore

Advancements to technology

India is developing technology that is beneficial to the entire world. Explore

National Defense

India has a strong military and stockpile of nuclear weapons. Explore

No, India has too many domestic issues to be a global superpower

India is unable to provide an adequate quality of life for all its citizens due to social issues and lack of cleanliness.


Parts of India remain underdeveloped, causing issues with sanitation and public health. Explore


India's educational infrastructure lacks many basic resources and has a high dropout rate. Explore


India has the second-highest number of people in the world and accounts for approximately a sixth of the global population. Explore


India's healthcare system has performed high-quality surgeries and made advancements to anatomical science, but a majority of its population does not have easy access to appropriate medical care. Explore

Gender Inequality

In India, women still expereince discrimination and abuse because of their gender. Explore


India has one of the highest poverty levels in the world. Explore

No, India is an emerging superpower

India has not achieved the status of a global superpower, but its quick advances in technology and way of life will soon earn it that title.


India's rapidly growing economy will result in rising from an emerging superpower to a global superpower. Explore

Global impact

India has many strong international relations with global superpowers, but still has frequent conflicts with neighboring countries. Explore
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