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Is ADHD a real disorder?

ADHD has been a controversial topic ever since its discovery in 1902. There are people who claim to see the symptoms as plain as day in those who have been diagnosed with it, while others believe that it is just a convenient excuse for laziness and apathy. The debate rages: Is ADHD a real disorder?

Yes, ADHD is a real disorder

ADHD is a neurochemical defect which affects a person's ability to maintain focus and control impulsive behaviors, and it causes them to be overactive. ADHD is a real disorder which significantly interrupts a person's daily life and causes them problems in school or in the workplace. The legitimacy of ADHD is backed by comprehensive studies in neuroscience.

No, ADHD is not a real disorder

ADHD is just another label to slap onto kids who act out in a way that is inconvenient to parents and teachers, who look for an easy way out by forcing medications down their kids' throats. It is often used as an excuse by people who are lazy and don't want to pay attention or do any work.
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