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Is it okay to punch Nazis?

In 2016, a video of white nationalist Richard Spencer being punched in the face by an unidentified assailant went viral. As it did so, a question that was first asked in World War Two rose to the surface of public debate again: is it morally permissible to punch a Nazi? Some consider these increasingly-publicized acts of violence to be slippery slopes that endanger free speech and compromise morals, while others consider games of whack-a-fascist to be their God-given right, as well as their moral duty.

Yes, it's okay to punch Nazis

Setting a precedent

Avoid repeating history

Violence is a deterrent

Combatting an overly-tolerant culture

Nazis represent the ultimate evil

No, it's not okay to punch Nazis

It's not okay to punch anyone

Free speech

Violence degrades societies

Violence isn't a long-term solution

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