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Is lying ever justified?

“Lying’s bad.” There’s not a single child who hasn’t heard this phrase or some variation of it. We’re taught at a young age that the truth is important, that you shouldn’t lie, and yet lies slip off the tongue so easily, some small, others painful. If so, can they be justifiable?

Yes, lying is justified

To protect the people you love, sometimes you lie

Lies are thought of as traps people fall into but sometimes people use them as shields. Maybe it doesn't work out the way they thought it would or wanted it to but the intention matters. When you care about someone, wanting to protect them isn't wrong. The execution of that protection though can be.

People in positions of power aren't always allowed to tell the truth

Those in power have bigger friends, but also stronger enemies. It's a coveted position people have that others long for. There are things in this world that are a need to know basis. A decision meant for the country or the entire world can not be answered instantly or with all the details they want.

No, lying is never justified

Lies hurt, no matter the intentions

Lies are just words that go against the truth. Whether they have good intentions or bad intentions are up to the one who tells them. Lies don't end well for anyone though. They are easy to tell, and can easily destroy trust, but trust is one of the hardest things to regain once it's lost.

There are only some times when lying is justified

Acting is another form of lying

The difference between an actor and a liar is that you're aware one is already lying. Acting has been a form of entertainment for ages. The popularity of things like Netflix speaks for itself. As a form of lying though it's intentions are almost always geared towards entertainment.
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