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Is violence always wrong?

Violence is the use of force or power. According to the World Health Organization, it is divided into three broad categories: self-directed violence, interpersonal violence, and collective violence. The question of why violence is inflicted upon oneself or someone else is open to question. Could we categorize all violence as bad, or is some violence necessary to prevent people from committing punishable crimes?

Yes, violence is always wrong

The idealistic approach to ethics of violence is that no matter its reason, it can never be justified, which is why it is always wrong.

Interpersonal and community violence is always wrong

Interpersonal violence refers to threatening or abusive behaviors from family members and partners, including child maltreatment, resulting in physical or psychological harm.

Collective, politically or economically motivated violence is unjust

Economic violence is two-faced, direct, and indirect. Political violence is when a political party is against your basic interests and uses you as a political violence tool.

Self-directed violence is always wrong

The violence that is inflicted upon oneself can lead to suicide or physical disability. Such harm can be in the shape of physical torture, like cutting, electrocuting, or passively harming oneself.

Violence can result in lifelong consequences

The physical and psychological impact of violence can last for years if untreated. Although many individuals are hospitalized because of violence inflicted on them, or their exposure to it from any degree, many victims still find it difficult to recover from their trauma.

No, violence is never wrong

Violence is an inherent human behavior like joy and excitement. It cannot be avoided, but it should be numbed down in situations that require violence. It is necessary for introducing justice laws to prevent people from committing unjust harm in fear of the violence that might be inflicted on them.

Humans are inherently violent

Human violence is not a contemporary concept, but it is deeply rooted in our ancient history. It has shaped our physical characteristics as well as our brain mechanisms.

Violence is necessary for peace and power

Although violence is a complex concept, it is sometimes understood to be a threat that can ensure peace for years. The looming dangers of war have allowed countries to calmly deal with conflict and find resolutions that move away from violence.

Violence can be justified depending on the reason

Violence as an act of self-defense is warranted

Responding with violence in self-defense to save yourself from an outside threat can be justified.


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