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What makes star quality?

Celebrities are people who inspire and rise above the rest of us. They are stars who shine down. Celebrities appear like divine versions of the rest of the crowd. But what exactly makes "a star"? Is it a combination of many qualities like charisma and talent? Or does one characteristic seem to be the most important?


Celebrities ruthless drive, grit and determination is what turns them into stars

Lewis Hamilton's drive

Lewis Hamilton is the best racing driver of all time. He holds records for the most all-time career points and most grand slams in a season. Lewis Hamilton’s roots are humble - his hard work and dedication led him to be the greatest of all time. Explore

Cardi B's drive

Cardi B is a self-made star. She survived poverty, crime, domestic violence, and subjected herself to stripping to be able to afford school. Cardi B rose to fame through Vine and Instagram and is now one of the most influential female rappers of all time winning numerous awards and inspiring younger generations. Explore

Christiano Ronaldo's drive

Cristiano Ronaldo has scored more goals than any other Portuguese player. He has also won Forbes highest paid athlete and has been on the Time’s list of the top 100 most influential people in the world. Ronaldo’s roots are humble - his hard work and perseverance and dedication to being the best has been the cause of his football stardom. Explore


Stars are simply better than anyone else at what they do. They are born with a natural superior talent.

Freddie Mercury's talent

Freddie Mercury wrote the best-known hits for Queen that everyone knows and loves: “Bohemian Rhapsody” and “We are the Champions” to name a couple. Freddie Mercury won numerous awards and was posthumously added to the Rock and Roll Hall of fame. He is known as one of the greatest vocalists of all time. Explore

Simone Biles' talent

Simone Biles is a world champion in gymnastics. She has more world medals than any other gymnast and many consider her the greatest gymnast of all time. She is particularly known for perfect execution of extremely difficult skills, having won the most “difficult of all time” vault and floor exercises in women’s gymnastics. Explore


Celebrities were born into high net worth families. Their wealth propelled them on the road to stardom.

Kim Kardashian's money

Kim Kardashian’s first media attention was as a friend of the mega-rich socialite, Paris Hilton. Following a sex tape with American rapper Ray J, her popularity as a social media mogul began to rise. Cleverly, Kardashian used this moment of fame to build a business empire. Explore

Paris Hilton's money

Paris Hilton is a media personality and socialite. As great-granddaughter to the mega-rich founder of Hilton Hotels, her extravagant late-night lifestyle attracted media attention. She rose to global fame following a leaked sex tape and reality TV show. Explore


Highly advanced social and emotional skills make a star

Barack Obama's charisma

Obama's first and second elections were at least in part attributable to his easy charm and excellent oration. Explore

Jennifer Lawrence's charisma

Jennifer Lawrence's rapid rise to fame is widely attributed to her natural easygoing and incredibly charismatic personality. Explore


Extreme passion and love for their field makes a star

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez's passion

Winning her seat in Congress at only 29 years old, in a massive upset victory against an entrenched incumbent, AOC is the youngest woman to ever serve in Congress. She has accumulated millions of followers on social media who have completely bought into her passionate and well-articulated progressive policies aimed at improving the lives of Americans. Explore

Greta Thunberg's passion

Greta Thunberg has dedicated her life to the world's most pressing problem - climate change. She was devastated about the crucial state of the Earth as a child and has devoted herself fully to doing everything she can to help, becoming the poster child of the cause. Explore


Stars rise to fame is because they are different and memorable

Daft Punk's originality

The French electronic music duo rose to fame due to their brave exploration of mixing music styles such as funk, techno, and synth pop. With their ever-unique tracks, Daft Punk has wowed audiences since 1997, proving that originality makes star quality. Explore

Lady Gaga's originality

Lady Gaga is an American singer and actress best known for her unusual style and the ability to reinvent herself. She led the exploration of new and unique music genres such as techno-pop and gained attention with her provocative and original visuals in her music videos and concerts. Explore


Celebrities look like divine humans. Their physical perfection is what makes them stars.

Kristen Stewart's beauty

American actress and director Kristen Stewart was catapulted into stardom with her role as Bella in the Twilight Saga. Though consistently berated on the Internet as a ‘bad actress’ Kristen Stewart is one of Hollywood’s top earners. As a brand ambassador for Chanel and Balenciaga, it begs the question if it is more about beauty than talent. Explore

Scott Eastwood's beauty

Scott Eastwood is an American model and actor and the son of the extremely famous filmmaker Clint Eastwood. Known for his great looks but perhaps infamous for his not so great acting, Scott Eastwood has nonetheless become a star on the acting scene. Explore


The world of the rich and famous is a small world indeed

Miley Cyrus' connections

Miley Cyrus is the daughter of the famous country singer Billy Ray Cyrus. This connection landed her the leading role on Disney Channel’s Hannah Montana show. The rest is history. Explore

Sofia Coppola's connections

Sofia Coppola is a director, screenwriter, and producer. She made her debut in The Godfather, a film directed by her father Francis Ford Coppola. Explore

Ivanka Trump's connections

Ivanka Trump is the senior advisor for the President of the United States, Donald Trump, who also happens to be her father. She also serves as Executive Vice President of the family-owned Trump organisation and has been a judge on the popular television show, The Apprentice, owned by her father Donald Trump. Explore
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