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Should the monarchy be abolished?

The Royal Family is considered a pillar in the British cultural and political landscape. The country tunes in for their weddings, places bets on their baby names and earnestly discusses their wardrobe choices. However, polling shows that many people have a critical view of the royals and do not support the way they operate – for example their secrecy or tax-avoidance – or the public money that's spent on them. Given the monarchy's diminished role in politics, is it time to get rid of the royals? Or do they still serve a purpose in modern society?

Yes, we should abolish the monarchy

The monarchy is an outdated and problematic institution that has no place in the modern UK.

The monarchy is wasting valuable taxpayer money

Given limited government budgets, we shouldn't be spending millions on the royal family. Explore

The monarchy is undemocratic

Monarchy is an old model of governance that is goes against the fundamental nature of democracy. Explore

The monarchy is an embarrassment and should go

The monarchy has had years of scandals and behaviour that is embarrassing to the British public. There is no reason they should be continually supported. Explore

The monarchy reinforces the class system in Britain

The existence of the monarchy affirms class divisions which are particularly entrenched in the UK. Explore

We should reform the monarchy

The monarchy is important to preserve but needs to adapt.

The monarchy must sustainably self-fund

While important, the monarchy cannot continue to be funded by public coffers. Allow them to use the money they generate to sustain themselves. Explore

No, we should keep the monarchy

The monarchy is a valuable part of British public life.

Key source of soft power

The British Monarchy is a big influence in how the world sees Britain and how we interact with other nations. Explore

The Royals bring in tourists

The Royal Family are a key part of British history and culture, which many people come to see Explore

The monarchy has cultural value that is worthwhile

Despite being outdated or undemocratic, there is room for it today because it is an important part of our cultural history in Britain and these things are important to preserve Explore

Commonwealth countries should become republics or have their own monarchy

Regardless of the state of the monarchy in the UK, Commonwealth countries should not be under it.

Commonwealth countries shouldn't have a British monarch as their head of state

It is inappropriate that countries with a history of colonisation should have a British monarch as their head of state. Explore
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