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Should multicultural literature be included in the high school curriculum?

Multicultural literature includes literature about people who are underrepresented in mainstream society and have been marginalized in some way, including Asian-American, African-American, and Chicano-American literature. For the most part, high school curriculum for English courses revolve around teaching the classics, but should more diverse literature be taught in high schools?

Yes, multicultural literature should be taught in schools

Students can gain affirmation about themselves and their culture.

Students will see themselves reflected in literature

The literature will empower students, who identify with the culture, identity, and race of the characters within the literature, to read more. Explore

Overall academic prosperity

Introducing multicultural literature will give students a broader knowledge base and academics will improve. Explore

A stand against racism

Embracing multicultural texts as part of the curriculum in education gives students from varying backgrounds opportunities to be educated on issues surrounding race and to gain a fully rounded understanding of why racism is rightly frowned upon. Explore

Allows for deeper analysis of common books read

By including multicultural literature in school curriculums, students will be able to more easily see the what many books that are typically taught fail to show you, intentionally or not. Including different points of view allows for a more rounded and less biased understanding of literature. Explore

No, multicultural literature should not be taught in schools

Multicultural literacy isn't the school's job to provide.

The Outsider status

The experiences of any cultural or racial group should only be presented by a member of that group. Explore

Multicultural literature is not needed in school curriculum

The traditional school curriculum has been satisfactory thus far. Explore
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