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Nature vs nurture: which is more important?

The debate of whether genetic nature or the environmental aspects of nurturing pulls more weight in human development is a long-standing aspect of the arena of psychology. Which aspect carries more weight: genetics or upbringing?

Nature and nurture are inseparable

Nature and Nurture intertwine and weave humanity.

Epigenetics is the best of both worlds

The ability for your environment to affect which traits you exhibit is a vote for both nature and nurture. Explore

Nature is more important than nurture

Genetics determine who you are long before your experiences.

The way we learn is innate

Noam Chomsky determined that linguistic ability is predetermined by the genetic "initial state" of the Language Acquisition Device. Explore

Nurture is more important than nature

Nurturing determines who you will become through experience.

Our traits are learned

Albert Bandura used Bobo dolls to prove that aggression is a learned action. Explore
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