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What are the options on a second Brexit referendum?

Theresa May’s Brexit deal contains little to please Brexiteers or Remainers. As it stands, it will be very difficult for Brexit to end in a way that is satisfying for anyone. Should there be a second referendum on Brexit, so that people can vote with a better understanding of their options?

No, there shouldn't be a second Brexit referendum

The public has already spoken.

A second Brexit referendum would be divisive

The first referendum sewed division. The second would exacerbate the situation. Explore

A second Brexit referendum undermines democracy

The public voted in the majority to leave the EU. This makes the vote legitimate. Explore

It is an irrelevant debate

It is a pointless debate because we can't have a second referendum.

We need a General Election not a Second Referendum

The Conservative party has made a mess of Brexit. The people need to vote on the leadership, not the policy. Explore

We don’t have time for a second Brexit referendum

It is a pointless debate because we don’t have time for a second referendum before the Article 50 deadline. Explore

There should be a second Brexit referendum

It is in Britain’s best interests to hold another vote

The Leave campaign undermined the legitimacy of the first referendum

The first referendum was not valid as Vote Leave campaigned illegally. Explore

We need another referendum to settle the Brexit debate

The first referendum did not kill the topic. We need one more to move on and put Brexit to bed. Explore

The people who voted for Brexit are dying off

A natural demographic shift has taken place. By January 2019, even if nobody changes their mind, the country will be pro-Remain. Explore

Referendum between the May plan and a hard Brexit

The public has voted for Brexit but not for the type of Brexit. Since the politicians can’t agree, a referendum could decide the issue.

The Brexit on offer is not what we voted for

The issues that were important to people who voted to leave the EU in 2016 have not been addressed in the Brexit deal on the table. Explore

Brexit needs further clarification

The first election was the ‘yes or no’ the second will be the ‘how’ Explore

Referendum between the May plan and canceling Brexit

Now we know what the deal is we should have a chance to vote on it.

A No-Deal Brexit is the worst-of-all-worlds scenario

There is agreement on all sides that a no-deal Brexit would damage the country. Therefore, it need not be in the second referendum. Explore

We've changed our mind on Brexit

Ever since the initial vote to leave the EU, Brexit has been a topic of contention amongst most of the populace. A majority of voters polled today would vote to remain in the EU, which is just one of many indications that the decision to leave has undertaken an overwhelming wave of backlash and dissention. Explore

Referendum with all options on the ballot

The only way out of the political deadlock is through a second referendum in which May's plan, a no-deal Brexit and the option to remain are all on the table.

A second Brexit referendum must represent all opinions

All the Brexit camps must be represented in another referendum. Explore

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