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What are the positions on Global Warming?

Global warning has been a major concern for climate scientists for a few decades now. However, polling shows public discourse remains divided as to how real it is, what causes it and how to react to it.

Scientific consensus on climate change fans

Those willing to follow the evidence in climate science wherever it leads. Namely, that global warming is real, human-caused and disrupting. That said, there's nothing inherently wrong with all technology and modern life.


Regulate industry, impose a carbon tax, then let the free market take flight from there. It will eventually take us to desirable CO2 levels. Explore

Climate Change Deniers

Those who think concerns are overplayed and probably motivated by a left-wing agenda. Also those who think the Earth's climate system isn't changing at all (it might even be cooling down). Weather has always been messy and unpredictable anyway.

Conspiracy theorists

Scientists are being supported by the government to fake their data to show global warming. Climate change is not real, but merely a government hoax. Explore

Fossil fuelers

Human progress goes hand in hand with increases in energy consumption; this can be seen in areas such as sanitation. Therefore the net benefit of using hydrocarbons is positive. Explore


Global warming might be real, but there's little we can do to counteract it because it's the product of natural causes. Explore

Radical environmentalists

Enthusiastic Mother Earth defenders. Preservation of nature borders on the sacred, and man has come to corrupt a transcendental balance with all his machinery and greed.

Deep ecologists

Humans are but one component in a living environmental system. We must restructure our values and lives to consider the preservation of all living beings. Explore


Global warming is a threat so big that violent acts and sabotage are necessary to stop it. Explore
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