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Should the Cold War be considered a war?

The Cold War was a time of geopolitical hostility between the United States and the Soviet Union which spanned about 45 years until the Soviet Union dissolved in the early '90s. But no physical fighting was ever involved, only a consistent state of conflict between these two nations.

No, the cold war should not be considered a war

Even though "Cold" was added to describe what was essentially an ideological competition between the Soviet Union and United States, that does not justify defining this period of conflict between the two nations as a war. While this Cold War may have led to other proxy wars and even the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union, no true armed conflict ever occurred. Furthermore, because this Cold War was mostly about two superpowers trying to exert superiority over the other in everything from sporting events to space programs, this period of conflict cannot be accurately defined as a war, just a competition.

Yes, the cold war should be considered a war

While no physical conflict ensued between the Soviet Union and United States during the Cold War, there was still many proxy wars and the constant threat of nuclear war which were manifested from this ideological conflict. As such, the Cold War was an actual war that devastated many countries involved, even having contributed to the eventual collapse of the Soviet Union.
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