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Should teachers carry guns?

With the rise of gun violence and school shootings, many people believe that the school environment can be safer for everyone if teachers carry guns and have a defensive weapon to use against school shooters and other school aggressors.

No, teachers should not carry guns

Schools are meant to be safe places for learning. Teachers shouldn't be promoting the possibility of violence by carrying guns.

Teachers lack the tactical knowledge needed in order to handle weapons.

Extensive and constant training is needed in order to handle dangerous weapons such as guns. Placing a gun in an untrained teacher's hands is a liability and dangerous to the students. Explore

Guns in a school environment will only invite trouble.

The presence of guns at school increases the likelihood that a student will get their hands on the gun and cause a tragic accident, whether intentionally or unintentionally. Explore

Students will view the possibility of violence as a normal part of life.

The presence of guns at school will signal to students that being on constant alert for an attack on the school is normal. Guns at school normalizes violence and the possibility of violence. Explore

Funds should go into investing for learning rather than guns.

Schools are short on money as it is. Instead of investing the funds into arming teachers, that money should be used to improve education for the students. Explore

Guns can end up in the wrong teacher's hands.

Background checks aren't perfect, and teachers aren't necessarily good candidates to carry a gun. Carrying a gun can also cause people to have an illusion of power and can change classroom dynamics. Explore

Yes, teachers should carry guns.

Schools don't have enough protection against unwanted, potentially dangerous strangers. Gun-carrying teachers can protect their students better.

School security can be bolstered by arming teachers.

Schools often have open campuses and don't have excellent security features. By arming teachers, school security can be increased. Explore

Money on school security can be saved by arming teachers instead of hiring a police officer.

Schools need to bolster their security but often lack the funds to do so. Arming teachers costs less than specially hiring a school police officer. Explore

The presence of arms on school campus can halt school shootings and mitigate the damages that result from them.

During lockdown situations, classes are often trapped and are essentially sitting ducks. Having a firearm allows the class to have a chance to get out of the situation if a shooter decides to target the class. School shooters are also more likely to back down if there are firearms present. Explore
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