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Should fairytales be retold for the changing times?

Various social movements in the last centuries have shifted society in many ways, whereas fairy tales have stayed within the same narratives. Should fairytales be retold to reflect modern values?

Fairy tales should be rewritten for the modern world

Fairytales have not stayed consistent with the present times, or the lessons learned from history. Therefore, fairytales should be rewritten for the children who are being read those fairytales.

Traditional fairy tales perpetuate sexist ideas

Traditional fairy tales deepen the patriarchy's hold on society by perpetuating harmful ideas such as binary gender roles, chivalry, and courtly love.

Fairy tales promote racial prejudice

Fairy tales should not be rewritten for the modern world

Fairytales are of a time and should be enjoyed in their form. That they remain with us suggests their continued relevance.

Fairy tales help a child understand the basic parts of a story

The simplistic structure of fairy tales teaches children the basic components of stories, so they can gain a better understanding of literature.

Traditional fairy tales spark a child's imagination

Traditional fairy tales capture the imagination of children and inspire them to use their own creativity.

Traditional fairy tales teach children moral lessons

Fairy tales give children an early sense of the world by teaching valuable moral lessons and the guidelines between good and evil.

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