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Is socialism ethical?

Socialism is the political belief the government should redistribute wealth to close the economic gap in society. Many argue that this is a far better way to live, as all citizens can life with the secure knowledge that they will be protected by the state. But is it ethical for this to happen because the state took money away from another citizen?

No, socialism is not ethical

Socialism infringes on personal rights and gives the state too much power.

Socialism takes away personal property.

The government owns all property in a socialist society. Explore

Yes, socialism is ethical

Socialism is the only feasible way to make our society fair.

The goal of Socialism is to build a society based on equality

Socialism intends to build a society where everyone has the same opportunities and quality of life no matter where people are born or which family they come from. Explore

Asking if an economic system is ethical is highly reductive

To ask if socialism is unethical, given that socialism encompasses a large number of political ideologies
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