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Has surveillance gone too far?

Post-9/11, there was a sharp increase in the amount that ordinary citizens are watched by the state. Rapidly progressing technologies mean that it is possible to track and watch people like never before. While supporters argue that this is a small price to pay for increased safety and the prevention of terrorism, others claim that increased surveillance is a serious contravention of human rights. Is the way we are now constantly surveilled a step too far?

No, surveillance has not gone too far

There are many benefits to high levels of surveillance - it keeps the country safe.

Taking away surveillance is taking away jobs

A wide range of people have careers in surveillance. If surveillance was decreased, many people would lose their jobs. Explore

Surveillance has proven useful internationally

A worldwide surveillance system allows us to track illegal activity much quicker across borders. Explore

Surveillance keeps us safe

Surveillance prevents the worst criminal activity. People are less likely to commit crimes if there is a possibility they are being watched, for they are influenced by the fear of being caught. Explore

Yes, surveillance has gone too far.

The cons are greater than the pros, and is too much of a human rights contravention to be acceptable.

Surveillance technology is progressing too quickly

Today, there are many more types of surveillance than just cameras. Explore

Constant surveillance is a waste of resources

There are millions of cameras - and it takes a lot to control them Explore

Surveillance is being used as sole evidence

Good people are negatively affected by false judgements. Explore

Surveillance is an invasion of privacy

Public surveillance tips the balance of power into the hands of the government and leaves citizens feeling like any and all activities can be used to subvert them. Surveillance today is a slippery slope to even more invasive forms of maintaining social control. Explore

It depends on the situation

Surveillance should only be used in situations where it is absolutely necessary.

Surveillance should only be used for crime

Surveillance keeps the good guys innocent and is crucial for catching criminals Explore
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