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What are the positions on DACA and Dreamers?

Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) is an immigration policy law esetablished in 2012 which allows some children of unlawful presence in the United States to temporarily delay deportation and gives them work authorization. Recently, DACA is extensively debated. What are all the positions and opinions on DACA?

DACA should remain and expand

DACA has many advantages for young immigrants and the United States. These benefits include security, economic growth, and others.

Eliminating DACA is morally incorrect

DACA serves an ethical purpose by protecting young immigrants who came to the United States following their parents. It also gives them rights and benefits that allows them to succeed and help their families and the U.S.

Eliminating DACA will damage the U.S economy

Economic losses would follow the elimination of the DACA program including loss of the work force, loss of taxes, and students enrolled in education programs

DACA should be eliminated

DACA is legally unjustified


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