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Where is Kim Jong-un?

In April 2020 the North Korean leader Kim Jong-un has not been seen in public for over two weeks and his whereabouts remain a mystery. While nothing has come out of the famously secretive state to suggest he is anything but well, others claim he is fighting for his life, or even dead.

Kim Jong-un is in hospital

The leader has not been seen in public because he is undergoing private medical treatment.

South Korean media report he is undergoing heart surgery

A South Korean website circulated rumours that the leader was undergoing heart surgery in Hyangsan. Explore

Japanese media claim he is in a hospital

Several Japanese media reports claim that the leader is in a vegetative state after a botched heart surgery that took place in early April 2020. Explore

Kim Jong-un is dead

He has been absent from public life because he has passed away.

He has vanished from the public eye

Kim-Jong Un’s death is being kept a secret from the public. Explore

Kim Jong-un is on holiday

The leader is taking a well-earned break from political duties.

He is on holiday in Wonsan

Kim Jong-Un has holed up in his private resort for unknown reasons. Explore

Kim Jong-un is leading the party as normal

The leader is operating as normal.

State media suggests he is working in Wonsan

The North Korean paper Rodong Sinmun claims that he is in Wonsan to congratulate labourers on their building activities there. Explore

North Korea claims he remains in charge

The North Korean state media claims the leader has spoken to Cuba, South Africa, and Syria during this period of alleged absence. Explore

South Korea intelligence suggests he remains in charge

South Korean intelligence sources suggest that there is nothing extraordinary about his absence and that the leader remains at the helm. Explore
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