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Are zoos ethical in the modern age?

Zoos can be a fun trip for any age, young or old. It may be the only chance most people will be able to see various exotic animals from around the world. Yet, they have also been known to be unethical or dangerous for both the animals and people. What are the sides to the zoo debate? Are zoos truly bad?

Yes, zoos are bad

Zoos are, at their core, cruel to animals and shouldn't be supported.

Predators born in zoos are likely to die if released

Predatory animals born in captivity are unlikely to survive if released into their natural habitat. Explore

Zoos are created for profit

Zoos force animals to provide entertainment for people. Explore

Zoos give animals poor health

Living in captivity is terrible for an animal's health. Explore

Zoo animals attack people

There have been many reported cases of animals injuring people at zoos. Explore

Zoos remove animals from their environment

Placing animals in zoos removes them from their natural environment. Explore

Zoos have inadequate living conditions

Ultimately, zoos would have to go to great architectural and environmental lengths to provide the animals with sufficient living space. Zoos cannot give an animal the environment it needs due to monetary and geographical circumstance. Explore

Zoos are unethical because they are dangerous for animals

Keeping animals in captivity disrespects their intelligence and puts them at risk of abuse. Humans do not have the right to trap animals in enclosures for the benefit of our own entertainment and research needs. Explore

No, zoos are good

Zoos are simply a fun day out, and are also ways to support vulnerable animals.

Zoos conserve endangered species

Zoos protect animals that have the threat of becoming extinct. Explore

Zoo animals have a longer life expectancy

Captive animals tend to live longer than their wild counterparts. Explore

Zoos provide quick and advanced medical care

Captive animals are able to get the medical care they need. Explore

Zoos provide research opportunities

Scientists are able to study and better understand animals and their natural environments. Explore

Zoos educate about exotic animals

People learn more information about exotic animals while visiting zoos. Explore
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