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Andrew Hassanali

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I write on politics and culture, and occasionally food. I have worked as a social science research assistant, interned with non-profits, and worked as a baker. I am a postgraduate in international relations at the University of Edinburgh. In my free time, I enjoy running, climbing, cooking, and arguing (debating?) about politics.
Location:Edinburgh, UK
My expertise:My area of interests are national identity in politics, international cooperation, and the nature of partisanship in politics. Specifically, I am interested in how national identity interacts with individuals and groups, and what the nature of national identity will be in a globalized world. I’m also interested in how ethics interacts with our political decisions, and as a corollary, how political, religious, racial, and national identity inform our ethics. In the more casual domains of life, I’m an avid home cook and have worked as a professional baker, plus I’m a cinephile in my free time.