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We want to change the world

Our Mission

Why is the world so polarised today? What is driving this division? Why do people do what they do? Say? Think? How can we make sense of people's opinions?

We want to figure out what's really going on in the world today, what is behind it all. We what to help discover what's driving people's opinions and actions. We want to help improve global understanding our personality, values, and bias.

We believe that understanding the complex underlying fundamentals of human opinion and behaviour can help us radically improve civil discourse, improve group relations, build teams, protect democracy, help us heal, and generally improve communication in the world. `

And this understanding can fundamentally change us as individuals, in life, relationships, and work, helping us to see the beauty in the complexity of our own thinking and opinions.

Meet our founders

Turi Munthe

Founder & CEO

Turi Munthe is an entrepreneur and journalist who has dedicated the past few years of his life to understanding why polarization has accelerated in the world, and what we can do about it.

He hosts the Parlia Podcast, "On Opinion" speaking to experts around the world on issues related to opinions, polarization, and human behaviour, etc, to uncover the truth behind our beliefs.

J. Paul Neeley

Co-founder & Head of Design

J. Paul Neeley is a designer & researcher dedicated to using emerging design methods to create meaningful impact in the world. He consults at design studio Neeley Worldwide, and teaches at the Royal College of Art.

J. Paul leads product development, working directly with experts and our everyday users alike, to improve the experience Parlia delivers.

See our Values...

Curiosity + Impact

We are forever curious about how our opinions work, and how these thoughts impact our world. And the stakes are high! From trying to understand how Brexit happened, to understanding Climate Change denial, our opinions really matter.

In different ways, and over years and years, threads of related inquire have brought us to this point, where we feel we can build something (our Opinion DNA™) to actually help us make sense of how our opinions really work (how they form, what influences them, how they impact us), and what we can do with this knowledge to make this a better world for all of us.


We realised to really understand ourselves and our opinions, we need to understand all the complex interactions of a number of important impacting factors that are behind what we believe. Too often people are viewed in a single specturm or single personality element to make sense of their opinion, and we've realized these approaches just don't go deep enough.

Our Opinion DNA™ is a radical new way to understand yourself, a kind of complete set of your values, personality, thinking, and context, and how these things interact with the world.

It is this innovative wholistic view that we are looking to bring into the world, and we are excited about what this information can do for the individual, from improvements in living, and relationships, and careers.

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Privacy on Parlia

Highly appropriate for this era

Join 12,000+ People better understanding themselves through deep self-discovery

Meet Our Network!

Bloomberg Beta

We are thrilled to be supported by the brilliant Roy Bahat and the amazing team at Bloomberg Beta, the Venture Capital fund of Bloomberg. They support some incredible startups and we love their investment focus, models and philanthropic support.

Meet Bloomberg Beta→

Tiny VC

A "tiny" yet visionary crew, we are really grateful for the support and thinking from Philipp Moehring and Andy Chung.

Meet Tiny VC →

Cutting Edge Research, Applied

We work with researchers at top universities, and are constantly working to ensure that our Opinion DNA™ is reflecting state-of-the-art understanding of human opinion, personality, values, and cognition.

If you are a researcher interested in the use of Opinion DNA™ or have thoughts that could contribute to the project, we'd love to hear from you.

Contact us about Research Collaborations

Curious? Want to learn more?

Work with us?

We are always interested in meeting talented people who share our vision for radical self-discovery, understanding opinions, and.

We are currently looking for talent in
- Data-Science and Visualization
- Front-end developers with React & Type Script experience
- Back-end developers with Go & Dgraph experience

- Or If you have a background in Psychology, Cognative Science, or Evolutionary Psychology, We'd love to speak with you.

Something else? Tell us what we're missing!

We believe in a 4 day work weeks. We're based in London, but support remote working.

Reach out with your CV and tell us why you'd like to work with us at Parlia.

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Press Inquires?

Sounds like a crazy dream right? Deep self-discovery by mapping someones Opinion DNA™? Ending polarization by telling people about themselves? Global opinion Insights from Values & Personality?

We can't wait to tell you our story, what we've learned about how opinions work, and how we are working to create meaningful impact in the world.

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