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Our Opinion DNA™ report and Opinion DNA™ e-book will help you get there.

Opinion DNA™ is an innovative diagnostic for understanding the complete picture of your personality, values, and thinking, allowing for a correlated and unprecedented look across these elements, and how they express across various topics.
  • Core Personality - Define your personality across key personality markers
  • Core Values - Understand the values driving your choices, from Morality to Cooperation, and much more
  • Meta Thinking - Explore the style and bias of your thinking
  • Demographic Context - See how the your place in the world impacts your opinions and behavior
  • Topic Expression - Let's find out how these other factors of your Opinion DNA™ drive your opinions across the critical topics and issues of today

1. Share

Just respond to a series of simple statements, sharing how you feel about various topics and issues

2. Analyze

Our proprietary Perspectives Engine (PE) analyizes your responses against +180 Million data points to create your personalized Opinion DNA™

3. Discover

The results of your Opinion DNA™ help you understanding what your opinions reveal about your deep personality and biases

4. Act

Take action based on your personal Opinion DNA™ to improve your life, relationships, and work

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"Deep self-discovery! I never thought I could understand myself in this way."

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"My Opinion DNA™ has revealed my true personality in ways I didn't think possible!"

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Your Complete Opinion DNA™ Report

Your personal, 137 Spectrum, diagnostic report of ALL your opinion DNA elements.

A complete picture of your Core Personality, Core Values, Meta-thinking, Demographic Context, and Topic Expressions.

The best, and most complete picture of how you think and how that thinking expresses in the world.

Opinion DNA™

Your complete guide to understanding each of the elements of your Opinion DNA.

Answer deeper questions about your core personality, core values, meta-thinking, demographics and topic expression by exploring what each element defines in you.

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Climate Change

Find your tribe on the climate crisis

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Exploring attitudes on key issues of the day

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6 factors that breakdown belief

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BIG5 Personality

The most popular cord personality model

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