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Welcome to Fashion

This is a place to read about and contribute to discussions about fashion. Discover the controversies surrounding the world of fashion, trends and styles and fashion's impact on culture.
Welcome to Fashion
Welcome to Fashion
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Should the weight of fashion models be policed?

Fashion models have been in the scrutinizing eyes of the public for decades leading to debates regarding weight and health. These models are widely looked upon for inspiration for fashion and lifestyle, which may pose a problem for the younger generation. Young adults could be idolizing a toxic idealism. Some countries, like Spain and France, have instituted regulations regarding the weight of the...

Should people wear fur products?

Numerous fashion houses and even entire cities have banned the sale or use of fur. The tides are turning against the fur industry as people become more conscious of the way in it exploits and abuses animals.

Is the Met Gala distasteful?

The first Monday in May is a huge part of the fashion social calendar. Every year, the Met Gala is thrown at the Metropolitan Museum of Art to benefit the Costume Institute. The event raises huge amounts of money, but is it just an excuse for capitalist worship of excess?

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