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Should anime be adapted into live-action films?

As anime grows more popular, more series have been adapted into live-action movies. They aim to service the fans of those anime, and bring the series to a wider audience. However, they haven't always met with good reception. With the rise of both anime and their live-action adaptations, the question is posed whether or not anime should stay in the realm of animation, or break into other media.

What is the best film in Christopher Nolan's Dark Knight Trilogy?

Christopher Nolan's gritty, realistic take on Batman was a critical and commercial success. The trilogy earned 31 awards and over $1 billion at the box office. This debate revolves around artistry and storytelling within films relative to the overarching narrative of a trilogy and source material.

What Are the Positions in the Star Wars Movies Prequels vs Sequels Debate?

Star Wars is a beloved movie franchise, and Lucasfilms attempted to expand on that franchise with a trilogy of prequels - The Phantom Menace, Attack of the Clones, and Revenge of the Sith. However, it was met with heavy criticism and despised by fans. A decade later, Disney would try their hand at making Star Wars movies with the Sequel trilogy - The Force Awakens, The Last Jedi, and The Rise of...

What is the best Wes Anderson film?

Wes Anderson is widely regarded as one of the best and most popular independent film directors working today. His ten films, with an eleventh, The French Dispatch, set to be released this year, are highly stylised, with a distinct colour palette, quirky, often historically-inspired storylines and exacting centre camera shots. He has worked with stop-motion animation for two of his films, Fantastic...

Is Thanos really a villain?

One of the latest villains in the esteemed and massively popular Marvel Cinematic universe is an alien named Thanos. Far above other beings, he believes that half of the world needs to be exterminated in order to save the planet. This may sound terrible, but Thanos has surprisingly understandable logic. Is Thanos evil, or justified in his claims?

Mapping the world's opinions.

Should you watch anime dubbed or subbed?

Anime (Japanese animation) is a cultural phenomenon that has swept the globe since the 90’s. More and more non-Japanese speakers are becoming interested in the world of Japanese animation. Instead of learning Japanese from scratch, viewers deliberate between the controversial choices of watching dubbed (with English voiceovers replacing Japanese audio) or subbed (retaining the Japanese audio and a...

Should movies produced for streaming platforms be eligible for awards?

In recent years it has become more and more common for movies produced for streaming platforms (like Netflix, Amazon and Hulu) to be nominated for prestigious awards like Oscars or Golden Globes. However, some argue that these are not cinematic art like movies released through major studios and therefore should be ineligible. Are movies released by streaming platforms on the same level as major st...

Should the movie industry focus less on remakes and sequels?

Currently, many of the movies produced in the film industry are remakes, reboots or sequels. At times, these franchise films seem to outnumber films at the cinema with new, standalone plots. While remakes and sequels are often more certain bets for the producers, does this trend negatively impact the film world?

Is Jean Luc Godard the greatest filmmaker of all time?

Jean Luc-Godard was the spearhead of the French new wave cinema. He directed films such as breathless, Vivre-sa vie which defied the laws that set the film making precedence and introduced jump cuts. Post world war 2, USA decided to forego the WW2 debt if France opened its market for US products and regulated its own film industry. In defiance, new directors such as Varda, Godard, Rivette brought ...

Is Marvel or DC better?

With both making profits in the billions of dollars, the Marvel and DC franchises are juggernauts. Both have existed for nearly a century, and have spanned comic books and movies as well as every piece of merchandise imaginable. Every fan has their own opinion of which is superior, so which is it?

Should books be adapted into movies?

We’ve seen many of our favourite stories rise to the silver screen. From childhood favourites like Harry Potter to remakes of classics like Little Women, many books have been adapted into screenplays and made into movies. The big dilemma: read the book, or watch the movie? Should the movie adaptation even exist at all?

Do films and TV series glamourize crime?

Films and TV series have always depicted violence. However, as the trope of the 'anti-hero' becomes more popular, as does showing violence on screen. Additionally, it is seemingly getting more violent and grotesque, especially as special effects allow violence to become more realistic. Is this just harmless entertainment? Or does it encourage violence in real life?

What is the best Harry Potter movie?

The Harry Potter film series is one of the most lucrative of all time, pulling in $7.7 billion over eight films. But which one is the best? Is it the earlier the better, or did the movies get better as time went on?

Are short films worth watching?

People are deluged by content - via social media, TV channels, OTT platform, box sets, websites, brands etc - but have less and less time to watch them. Short films offer narratives, story arcs etc but delivered in a condensed form.

Who is James Bond?

From the beginning of the James Bond movie franchise in 1962, 007 has proved to be a long-lasting cultural icon. The spy for the U.K. Secret Service has now starred in 26 movies, accruing many high-tech gadgets and charming huge amounts of women as he goes. But who is James Bond? Is he a hero? A villain? A symbol of a time gone by? Or totally irrelevant?

Who was the best James Bond?

Many different actors have portrayed the iconic protagonist of one of the longest-running and most successful franchises in film history. Whose version of 007 was the best?

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