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Donald Trump wants to build a wall. The United Kingdom tries to leave the European Union in an attempt to regain sovereignty over its borders. Every year, thousands of people drown in the Mediterranean while trying to cross over into the EU. At the same time, many European countries sell citizenship to wealthy individuals. Do states have a right to pick and choose who may enter into their respective territories?

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Immigrants fill niches in the labor market, work hard to build a better life for themselves, and ultimately boost the host country's economy. Immigrants benefit the high-tech and biotech industries too. They also contribute to education and philanthropy. There are purely philosophical cases for immigration as well, such as the egalitarian case and the libertarian case.
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Accepting refugees is beneficial

Welcoming refugees protects their right to live, enters them into the labor force and boosts the economy, and benefits the countries they came from in the medium- to long- term.

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