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Films and TV series have always depicted violence. However, as the trope of the 'anti-hero' becomes more popular, as does showing violence on screen. Additionally, it is seemingly getting more violent and grotesque, especially as special effects allow violence to become more realistic. Is this just harmless entertainment? Or does it encourage violence in real life?

Yes, films and series glamourize crime. Show more Show less

Films and series are created with this specific sort of content for the Target Rating Point (TRP) without consideration for the impact on the audience, distorting the normality and basic values of the society.
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Anti-hero's charm

Popular films and series depict criminals as anti-heroes which makes them more relatable.
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The Argument

There is a new moral paradigm when writing characters which has taken a rise in the anti-hero kind. Films and series depict criminals as heroes or antiheroes which makes them more relatable. This sympathy may prevent the viewer to condone the character’s flaws and transgressions.

Counter arguments

Modern audiences are not swayed by good vs evil schemes anymore because the moral content is not imposed on them as it used to be in earlier centuries. This doesn’t make the society amoral, but more tolerable and free to express their own judgment.


[P1] Popular films and series have main characters that are not presented as villains but as anti-heroes. [P2] An anti-hero charms the audience, in spite of their flaws of character, bending the viewer’s ethical boundaries.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] A good story needs a good villain, and sometimes the villain is more interesting than the hero. [Rejecting P2] Liking an anti-hero is not necessarily a reflection of the viewer’s personality nor their moral values.

Further Reading

Anti-Hero - Examples and Definition of Anti-Hero [1] Exploring How We Enjoy Antihero Narratives by Daniel M. Shafer & Arthur A. Raney [2] Why Our Obsession With TV Antiheroes Is Destroying Our Souls by Georgi Boorman [3] Anti-Heroes: Is There a Goodness of Purpose? by Brian A. Kinnaird [4]




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