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Research proves that diversity (gender, ethnic and social) can improve work place culture and productivity. Some argue that workplace diversity can increase growth or revenues, by increasing the comfort of workers and ensuring different views are represented. But does diversity really have that much of a baring on a business' success?

Diversity has no bearing on a company's financial success Show more Show less

Many companies have thrived with a homogenous workforce, indicating diversity is not critical to a company's profitability.
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Diversity's impact varies

Increasing diversity doesn't always bring harmony. Sometimes it brings tensions.
Discriminatory Misleading


The benefits of diversity are often championed, but there are plenty of examples when businesses report that diversity hasn't always been a positive thing.

The Argument

Suppose you inject diversity into your team in an attempt to boost productivity, increase sales, drive customer growth and send profits soaring. But instead, all you have is a team that no longer sees eye-to-eye. They stop agreeing on things, and instead of innovation, you get a deadlock.[1] This does happen. Diversity doesn't always lead to a positive working environment. A melting pot of characters and backgrounds can lead to a multitude of approaches with little common ground. In these cases, not only is diversity not boosting profits and driving success, it is holding the business back.

Counter arguments



[P1] Diversity isn't always a positive thing. [P2] In these cases, diversity actively holds businesses back.

Rejecting the premises




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