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There is a push towards the usage of electrically powered cars. A few governments envision in the coming year to prohibit sell or even circulation of thermal cars. However electric car still is a niche market Will ti ever become viable

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Range and cost issues will make electric cars suitable only for local transportation
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Electric car charging networks are complex

Although electric cars will be common in urban environments, it will be inconvenient to use them in rural areas, because they will lack a network of chargers.

The Argument

Electric vehicles will likely play an increasingly important role in urban environments where large quantities of electricity are readily available. However, installing charging stations outside of cities and in more rural environments is challenging, and would require major infrastructure changes. [1] Converting gas stations to charging stations would require changes in how electricity is distributed. Suddenly, gas stations would require far more power than they previously did. The same problem exists when considering installing charging stations in rural towns. A location would suddenly need more power, but there would be no infrastructure to accommodate that change in demand. Because of the challenges with installing charging stations outside of cities, it is unlikely electric vehicles will play a major role outside of urban environments.

Counter arguments

Infrastructure changes will be required to support the shift to electric vehicles, but many governments have committed to supporting cleaner forms of transportation. [2] While there may be challenges, humans alter and create infrastructure constantly, and expanding car charging networks would just be another change.



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