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Hate speech has been around since time began, when feuds began occurring between different groups. Is it something that should be lawfully punished ? Or is it covered as a part of someone's right to free speech?

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What people say shouldn't be dictated by the government.
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Hate speech will always be a part of history

Unfortunately, hate speech is a part of history. Countries have been fighting each other and conquering each other’s land for centuries. It’s something that can never be avoided because people will always hate something.

The Argument

Unfortunately, hate speech will always be a part of our world. History itself has moved and developed because of violence caused by hate.[1] Nations fought and enslaved each other to further their lands and kingdoms. Conquistadors destroyed Inca and Aztec culture for glory and wealth with disregard for human lives. It’ll never be eradicated, even if it becomes illegal.

Counter arguments

Even though hate speech has been a part of history and will always be part of society, it should be made illegal to curb the violence associated with it to make society better.



[P1] Hate speech has been and always will be a part of history, therefore, it can’t be stopped by the law. [P2] There's no point in trying to stop hate speech legally, if hateful words will always exist.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Although hate speech and violence have been a part of history, it doesn’t make it morally right. The law should be put in place to curb and eradicate violence.




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