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Where is Jimmy Hoffa?
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Jimmy Hoffa was buried under the Renaissance Center

Many believe that Jimmy Hoffa was buried under the foundations of the Renaissance Center in Detroit, as foundations were being poured the day after his disappearance.

The Argument

According to Marvin Elkind, Jimmy Hoffa’s former personal driver, Hoffa was killed and buried under the Renaissance Center, which was under construction at the time. Elkind, who carried on connections to organized crime even after Hoffa’s death, told journalist Adrian Humphreys that one day as he was walking with Mafia leader Anthony Giacalone, Giacalone gestured towards the Renaissance Center and said “say good morning to Jimmy Hoffa, boys”[1]. This theory is corroborated by a now retired corrections officer, Michael Yarbrough, who said that he stumbled across Hoffa being murdered at the renaissance center construction site on the day of Hoffa’s disappearance[2].

Counter arguments

Although the Renaissance Center theory is plausible, many expert's do not agree with this theory. The main reason for their dissent is simply because other theories are more compelling. The only Mafia link to this theory is Marvin "the Weasel" Elkind who had no authority in the Mafia and therefore would not have been privy to information on Jimmy Hoffa. Other theories posited come from people with larger authority in the Mafia and therefore seem more reliable.



Rejecting the premises


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