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Are millennials lazy?
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Millennials value finding purpose over how much money they can make

Work for work's sake holds limited appeal to a generation that doesn't believe in it anyway. Millennials who follow their dreams will be able to make equivalent income to their parents.


Western 20th Century culture put a huge premium on work for work's sake and on financial self-betterment. The American dream was to reach a higher economic status in life than one's parents, and Margaret Thatcher (UK Prime Minister, 1979-1990) is said to have declared: "A man who, beyond the age of 26, finds himself on a bus can count himself as a failure". Millennials have reacted against that explicit 20th Century materialism, and have placed 'Purpose' - social, environmental, psychological, political - at the heart of their quest for self-actualisation.

The Argument

Purpose is an object or goal that needs to be attained.[1] Purpose drives human beings to live a pleasant life. Without purpose, life is considered meaningless and often leads to an individual experiencing depression and anxiety.[2] In terms of millennials, the idea of purpose is different compared to older generations. Before the 21st century, following your dreams was considered a risk. Art, music, and entertainment jobs were something only lucky people could get. This led to more people picking jobs that paid well even if it wasn’t enjoyable. Currently, millennials have found a way to work and have a good amount of money with a job they like. The demand for entertainment has skyrocketed, leaving many slots open for new artistic stars. Lil Nas X dropped out of college in 2018 and went viral with “Old Town Road” in the same year.[3] Because millennials are following their dreams, their lives are happier.

Counter arguments

The idea of purpose is a misunderstood concept. Often, people get purpose and dreams mixed up. A dream is an idea that someone wishes could be reality. A purpose is more rooted in responsibility. A child dreams of being things that are impossible. They dream of flying like birds, going to the moon, and meeting aliens, and even dream of having the same job as their parents. Of course, humans cannot fly like birds, and the only alien life on planets so far are bacteria. Money is a very important aspect of life. Nothing important in life is free unless it’s a gift. Cars, houses, and school is very expensive. Without financial stability, an individual would not live well. An individual living off minimum wage struggles to get money for groceries and a good place to live.[4] Because of the risks, the main purpose in life should be to have a sustainable life.



[P1] purposes often stem from dreams. [P2] Dreams are not childish. [P3] Money isn’t the only thing that can create a good life.

Rejecting the premises

[P1] The idea of purpose is different than a dream. [P2] Dreams are childish. [P3] Financial stability will create a good life.


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