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Is Narendra Modi a terrorist?
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Narendra Modi’s government committed acts of terrorism in Kashmir

The Indian government's actions in Kashmir are a clear case of terrorism.


The Indian government committed violence against citizens in Kashmir to further its Hindu nationalist agenda.

The Argument

The actions of the Indian government in Kashmir in 2019 clearly fall into the definition of terrorism. Narendra Modi’s government tortured and detained civilians accused of protesting its rescinding of Kashmir’s special status of semi-autonomy. As many as 10,000 people may have been detained by the Indian security forces, with children and women suspected of being among those arrested. The Indian government reportedly beat those in detention with sticks and cables and subjected them to electric shocks. This would constitute using violence against a civilian population to advance political objectives, a clear-cut definition of terrorism. [1]

Counter arguments

There is no evidence to suggest that the Indian authorities committed atrocities against the civilian population of Kashmir. Not a single bullet was fired in the region and there have been no founded claims of police brutality.



[P1] Terrorism is using violence against a civilian population to advance political objectives. [P2] Modi's government used violence against the civilian population in Kashmir to advance a Hindu nationalist political agenda. [P3] Therefore, Modi is a terrorist.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P2] Modi's government did not use violence against the Kashmiri population.


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