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Should prisons be abolished?
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Private prisons earn profit from incarceration

Private prison systems operate with the goal of earning the most profit first and properly caring for inmates second. Consequently, this results in massive continuous budget cuts, making the prison and unsafe environment.

The Argument

The rapidly growing number of people in incarceration has lead to the development of privatized prisons. Privately owned prisons were built to earn profit from the large incarcerated population. In order to earn the biggest amount of profit, large budget cuts have been implemented so the prison is running on bare necessities.[1] Prisoners suffering from treatable illnesses usually do not get the medical treatment they need. As a result, they become sicker or die from a disease that is easily curable. Some prisons use a giant room to house all of the beds, so there is no privacy between inmates. Usually, only one correctional officer is assigned to guard an area so many actions so unnoticed. The lack of guards has led to many prison escapes and overdoses.[2] Privatized prison systems are immoral due to their concern for money over the well-being of its prisoners. Implementing budget cuts is dangerous for the inmates and prison staff because more criminal activity goes unseen and felons do not have access to basic human needs.

Counter arguments

Only private prison systems should be abolished due to their immorality. Public prisons have more correctional officers on staff and provide better a better living situation and healthcare to inmates. Unlike private prisons, the public prison system focuses on caring for its inmates until their release. Public prisons are not businesses, so they do not worry about profit or budget cuts. Therefore, only private prisons should be abolished, while public prisons remain operational.



[P1] Private prisons profit from incarceration. [P2] Private prisons continuously reduce spending at the expense of the safety and well-being of the inmates and staff. [P3] Private prisons value money over inmates' lives. [P4] Therefore, prisons should be abolished.

Rejecting the premises


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