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Psychology as a discipline has been around for thousands of years, with some form of it being found in numerous ancient civilizations. However, as it has become more common for people to seek psychological help in recent years, the validity of science as a discipline has been questioned. Professionals in the field of science have debated it for years; is psychology a legitimate science, or is it a farce?

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Psychology is a science because there are established methodologies for deriving psychological knowledge.
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Psychology gains knowledge through experience

Knowledge is the end product which science strives to find. It can be gained not only by logic, but by experience as well.
Psychology Science
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The Argument

Psychologists seek knowledge through experience.[1] Psychologists can conduct experiments, observe behaviors, and record their findings just like a professional in any of the "hard sciences" can. Although the inner workings of the mind cannot be directly observed, psychologists can observe what a person says or does.[2] This empirical approach produces substantial facts and evidence to support theories and hypotheses just as in any other science.[1]

Counter arguments

Experience is subject to human error because it is contingent upon the psychologist conducting the experiment or observation. Everyone's experience is different, so the results that one psychologist might get from an experiment could be completely different from what another gets from the very same experiment.


[P1] Psychology observes thoughts and behaviors to collect data. [P2] Psychology is a science because psychologists use experience to gain knowledge.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Thoughts and behaviors are poor sources of data because of how unreliably they vary. [Rejecting P2] Psychology can't be considered a science because a psychologist's only source of knowledge (experience) is not fully reliable.



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