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As the world grinds to a halt with the spread of COVID-19, we all have the responsibility to take public health seriously and isolate ourselves. With that in mind, now's the perfect time to catch up on Netflix! Should you watch something scary to try and redirect your coronavirus anxiety? Or binge watch a sitcom so you can remember what it was like to be able to freely socialise?

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The best thing to do is watch something fun - remember fun? In the days when we used to leave our homes?
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Watch Russian Doll during quarantine

Natasha Lyonne stars in this dramedy about a woman who lives the same day over and over - not dissimilar to life in self-isolation. This TV show is hilarious and does not feel dull or repetitive. Its creative approach to repetitiveness makes it easy to watch, too.

The Argument

Russian Doll, the 2019 dramedy, is the perfect complement to staying in during quarantine. Trying to decipher the plot on some TV shows can feel like work. Especially now, with quarantine already being too much work, viewers don't want a complicated show. Russian Doll is not complicated. It does not require its viewers to "work." The show is easy to follow and piece together as it shows Nadia Vulvokov's endless 36th birthday party loop. The show kills her repeatedly but always drops her into her party. Now she has to figure out a way not to die.[1] The show is a perfect complement to making quarantine easier. Just turn on the TV and relax.

Counter arguments

Even though the show has a great cast, it's a letdown for viewers. The main character, Nadia Vulvokov, ruins the mood with her constant deaths, each worse than the last. The show can be compared to Groundhog Day, a repetitive loop of bad decisions: boring.[2]



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