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Fashion models have been in the scrutinizing eyes of the public for decades leading to debates regarding weight and health. These models are widely looked upon for inspiration for fashion and lifestyle, which may pose a problem for the younger generation. Young adults could be idolizing a toxic idealism. Some countries, like Spain and France, have instituted regulations regarding the weight of their models for health reasons. Some countries have not regulated this activity and are in the middle of a hot topic. Should the weight of fashion models be policed and regulated?

No, the weight of fashion models should not be policed Show more Show less

Different fashion companies have a right to whom they hire to model their products.
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Samples from clothing companies are made for models with a thinner frame

Clothing companies send samples to modeling agencies, and they fit women with smaller thinner frames.
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The Argument

Thinner models allow for the clothing to stand out on the body more. Models must fit into the garment as the item is not made precisely for them. Designers want their designs to look as beautiful as possible, and to do that the clothes need to be able to move freely. Clothes flow more naturally when worn by a tall, skinny model. The items of clothing tend to look better when draped over a thin frame. Designers do not want their models to outshine the clothing they are modeling.

Counter arguments

Designers should send over multiple sizes of the article of clothing so that models would have the ability to fit into any of the versions. If the size is changed, it could still drape and flow off the model, with them having a standard BMI. Viewers would be able to see the article of clothing despite it being a size or two larger.


[P1] Designers create articles of clothing smaller so it stands out on a tall thin frame. [P2] It is necessary for models to be skinny.

Rejecting the premises

[Rejecting P1] Fashion designers could create clothes in a size or two larger, allowing for models of a healthy weight to display their designs.



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