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People are deluged by content - via social media, TV channels, OTT platform, box sets, websites, brands etc - but have less and less time to watch them. Short films offer narratives, story arcs etc but delivered in a condensed form.

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They are a powerful way to experience stories.
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Short films can lead to feature length films

Short films allow filmmakers and actors to showcase their talents in order to secure funding from studios or private funding. By supporting a short film, you could support a filmmaker's chance at future features.
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The Argument

Short films can provide a gateway for new filmmakers into the world of features. They allow these people to enter festivals, get their foot in the door to the industry. A lot of filmmakers get noticed at short film festivals, including notable directors such as Lee Daniels and Paul Thomas Anderson[1]. Short films also allow filmmakers to build their portfolios, improves their craft, and show what they can do. Original reels are made of short film material and allow new creatives to show what they can do.

Counter arguments

Breaking into the industry through short-filmmaking is so rare. It's more likely for someone to make it by working their way up through the ranks of a set, starting as a PA and finally making connections.


[P1] Short films allow filmmakers to get their foot in the door. [P2] Short films should be supported.

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