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Seeing a man on the moon was one of the coolest things of the 1960's. Since then, shuttle have been sending many, many people up to complete missions. These are costly and incredibly dangerous. Are manned missions economically viable or is it more effective to focus on less expensive drone missions?

No the complexity of space flights is too high Show more Show less

The cost and current obstacle are too high to envision manned expeditions
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Space flights are not economically viable

It is difficult to think of a economic return with respect to drone expedition
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To attract huge investments to fund manned missions it is necessary to provide an economic return

The Argument

Currently the plan to make space exploration physically viable is to provide an economic return. This can be accomplished by either importing mineral resources of the planet or implementing factories to take advantage of planet resource. However if questionable that the huge investments requires to initiate mechanism will provide a return in a reasonable amount of time and in the case whether this can be done with a fully drone mission.

Counter arguments

Return on space expedition can not only need to be monetary, but can be scientific advances that can fall-out also on everyday life A classical example is the topic of climate changes. So far the only full model we have is the Earth itself. Studying planets like Mars or Venus could provide other references


To convey money from investors an economic return should be provided.

Rejecting the premises


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