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Is RM, Jin, Suga, J-Hope, Jimin, V, or Jungkook the best member of BTS? The most successful band in the world right now, BTS crosses cultural barriers and are famous not only in their native South Korea, but all over the world. Every fan has their own favorite, who is yours?

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V is a persistent favourite with fans all over the world.
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V is the fan favourite

V has topped fan favourite polls and gets the most views on his fan cams.
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The Argument

V consistently proves to be the favorite of many BTS fans. For example, the fan-captured videos, or fan cams, featuring V are some of the most viewed in K-Pop history. [1] Additionally, V ranks as one of the fans' favorite members in popularity polls. In 2018, he ranked first in one of these polls conducted in the U.S. [2]

Counter arguments

Although V's popularity with fans is notable, we must also consider his musical talent before dubbing him BTS' best member. Since this argument mentions nothing about his musical skill, it does not provide an adequate reason for considering V as the band's best member.


Rejecting the premises



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