Are people born gay?


Few scientific questions generate as much intrigue and political turmoil as the origins of sexual orientation. Is there a clear genetic or hormonal link to sexual orientation that indicates gay people are, in the words of Lady Gaga, “Born This Way”? Can we ever know if same-sex attraction is determined before birth? Is this a question that should even be asked?

Yes, people are born gay

Various studies have found a direct link between genetics and homosexuality.

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No, people are not born gay

To reduce sexual orientation to genetics or hormones reduces it to a binary outcome. Sexuality is not binary, it is fluid and no genetic explanation has been able to accomodate this.

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We don’t know if people are born gay

No conclusive evidence has been found to settle the debate.

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It doesn’t matter if people are born gay

The question of whether people are born gay is unimportant and could be dangerous.

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