Coronavirus / COVID-19 Question List

Welcome to our library of all questions relating to coronavirus.

We want to cover all bases during the global health pandemic. What does quarantine look like? How can we optimise time in self-isolation? Best shows on Netflix? What are the possible consequences of Trump’s reaction to coronavirus?

We want you to ask questions about the COVID-19 outbreak. Where we’ve missed information, add to our knowledge project.

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How does coronavirus compare to other pandemics?

Is herd immunity the best way to beat coronavirus?

Should mobile contact-tracing be used to tackle COVID-19?

What are the conspiracy theories around coronavirus?

Is the human destruction of nature responsible for COVID-19?

Coronavirus and Politics

How will the coronavirus affect globalisation?

Has the Trump administration responded well to the coronavirus pandemic?

Was Trump justified in trying to buy exclusive rights to the COVID-19 vaccine?

Why are there so many coronavirus cases in the US?

COVID-19: Are government resources better spent on public health or stimulating the economy?

How will coronavirus affect the European Union

Is coronavirus aggravating Islamophobia in India?

The After-Effects of COVID-19

How will coronavirus change the world?

Will coronavirus change the world?

Will coronavirus herald the end of capitalism?

Will coronavirus destroy the global economy?

What does the global coronavirus response tell us about our ability to cope with future climate shock?

How will coronavirus affect religion?

What has the coronavirus revealed about human psychology?

Life in Isolation

Why is domestic violence surging during the COVID-19 pandemic?

How can we stay mentally healthy in quarantine?

What’s the best way to stay fit during the coronavirus pandemic?

Is spending time quarantined bad for your mental health?

What are the most useful skills to learn while social distancing?

Which books should you read while self-isolating from coronavirus?

What is the best thing to watch on Netflix while in quarantine?

Is it ethical to stockpile groceries during the coronavirus crisis?

How can I help others during coronavirus/COVID-19?

What are the most effective working from home practices during COVID-19?

What are the most successful social media “quarantine challenges”?

Who should you help during the coronavirus pandemic? (UK)

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