Debating Platforms

These debating platforms will help you hone your critical thinking skills.

Debate Island is actively creating and applying revolutionary technology to make online debating mainstream and to transform the online debate experience. DebateIsland is motivated to help users improve their debating skills, make online debating simple and engaging, change the way debate clubs communicate and compete, increase civility in online discussions/debates, help users post debates and share their opinions speedily, help users gain knowledge about numerous topics, and enable people to debate online while maintaining their privacy.

Debate Org is a free online community where intelligent minds from around the world come to debate online and read the opinions of others. Research today’s most controversial debate topics and cast your vote on our opinion polls.


Kialo is an easy to use, yet powerful tool to engage in thoughtful discussion, understand different points of view, and help with collaborative decision-making.

ProCon is a non-profit charitable organization headquartered in Santa Monica, California in the United States. It operates the website, an online resource for research on controversial issues.


Debatepedia is a wiki encyclopedia of debates, arguments, and supporting quotations. Its mission is to become “the Wikipedia of debates”.

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