Disagreement as opportunity: five books

Long seen as something to avoid, might conflict actually be an opportunity for growth? Are there learnings we can take from fall out that might help us with future success? We’ve rounded up five of the best books that look at disagreement as an opportunity.

1: Why are we yelling?: the art of productive disagreement

“Benson’s core idea is that instead of viewing disagreements as a negative phenomenon, we must reorient our thinking to view disagreements as a positive phenomenon and approach them with a growth-mindset.”

2: No!: the power of disagreement in a world that wants to get along

“Dissent is a liberator. There will be so many people out there quietly rejoicing that their judgement skill will be valued and validated if leaders take note and value this skill in the workplace.”

3: Being wrong: adventures in the margin of error

“Schulz’s self-styled discipline of wrongology contains a great deal of lightly worn learning and careful reflection on psychoanalysis, philosophy, science and art. “

4: The 7 principles of conflict resolution

“This book aims to address these types of problems. It will not solve or avoid every issue, but it is a helpful and smart book to read to at least consider and be aware of the various things that can go awry. Overall if you spend the time with potential business partners, and/or friends who you are thinking of working with, it may help to save you a lot of trouble later.”

5: The art of saying no

“Here, Zahariades teaches you how to avoid making the same self-sabotaging mistakes by mastering the art of saying no graciously. He promises that the more often you say no now, the less often you’ll need to say it in the future.”

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