How Polarisation Ends, with Eve Pearlman

In Episode Seven of the Parlia Podcast, Turi speaks to journalist and Spaceship Media founder Eve Pearlman, to discuss the role of the media in political polarisation.

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S1 S7: How Polarisation Ends

“We’re trying to invite people to do something that we believe…most of us can do, and want to do when we’re given a chance: have a conversation…[People need] opportunity to remember our shared humanity…[and to] listen, be curious, be kind…One of the things we have learned in our work, and is reaffirmed over and over again, is that it feels better for people when they are not in states of anger and adversariality…we are social animals that have survived by being in sync…when you take a view that is different it’s hard…because of who holds control ”

Turi speaks to journalist and innovator Eve Pearlman about how the changing media landscape is driving polarisation and changing the way we consume and create information.

Together, they discuss:

  • How is the media fuelling political polarisation?

  • What is the language of dismissiveness?

  • How can we create valuable conversations across political divides?

  • What will it take to restore trust in journalism?

Eve Pearlman

Eve Pearlman is a celebrated writer and innovator committed to reinventing and reinvigorating journalistic practice. In 2016 she founded Spaceship Media, to help news organisations identify polarised groups and bring them together through bespoke Conversation Experiences. Her TED talk How to Lead a Conversation Between People that Disagree has received over two million views.

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