How Technology Rewired Our Thoughts, with Shumon Basar

In Episode Six of the Parlia Podcast, Turi speaks to futurist, writer and curator Shumon Basar, author of The Age of Earthquakes: A Guide to the Extreme Present, to discuss the way technology has changed the way we think and feel.

S1 S6: How Technology Rewired Our Thoughts

”The question then…has to be looked at in terms of this evolution into total Balkanisation of consensus. Consensus allows…for the building blocks of something that you might begin to call the “truth”. If there is no consensus any more; if I decide that the truth is simply what I choose to believe, and reverse engineer from that…then, the truth bears no resemblance to what we have considered it to be for thousands of years. ”

Turi speaks to writer, editor and futurist Shumon Basar about how technology has changed the way we understand time, ideas, ourselves and each other, and why that has fundamentally changed the bases upon which we form our opinions.

Together, they discuss:

  • What is the extreme present?

  • How have our emotional responses been re-programmed by technology?

  • Are algorithms manipulating our opinions?

  • How is that subverting the relationship between humans and our technology?

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Shumon Basar

Shumon Basar is an eminent writer, editor and curator. His work spans Europe and the Middle East. As well as authoring two books (with Douglas Coupland and Hans Ulrich Obrist), Basar is a Contributing Editor for Bidoun, Editor-at-Large for Tank and former Commissioner and Director-at-Large of the Global Art Forum.

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