University of Hull Philosophy Society

We are The University of Hull Philosophy Society, a group of students bound together by a love of philosophy.

Our collaboration with Parlia is motivated by an aim to emphasise the pertinence of philosophy in the current socio-political climate and depart from the stereotype of philosophy as outdated and irrelevant.

We serve to promote philosophy as a skilled intellectual activity and an attitude of mind, rather than a settled body of knowledge. We value disagreement and encourage involvement in healthy debate: it develops valuable argumentation and critical thinking skills, and introduces new ways of thinking which offer personal growth.

We run regular reading circles, debates and virtual discussion boards to prompt essential dialogue and expand on Parlia’s idea maps.

Alongside Parlia, we want to make philosophy accessible to everyone, stimulating conversation and independent thought amongst people from all backgrounds as well as aiding individuals in formulating their own opinions and making sense of the world we live in.

Dedicated to understanding some of the world’s most vital, overlooked, controversial and misunderstood questions, we select a monthly theme relating to issues currently being explored on Parlia for our members to contemplate. We review our members’ contributions each season and select their best to be entered into our competition to be crowned one of Plato’s ‘philosopher kings’. Look out for our ‘flare’ and engage with us!

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