The Opinion Lab ⚗️

At Parlia, we’re not just interested in WHAT we think but HOW we think it.

For every idea out there, we want to show you how opinion breaks down along different lines.

  • How do people on the Left and Right compare?
  • What do 💻 Millennials see in the issue? And ☎️ Baby Boomers?
  • And is there any difference between, say, 👨🏾‍💼 men and 👩🏼‍💼 women?

Opinions are held by people 👥

People who hold them with as much sincerity and passion as you hold yours.
Who are just as committed to living a good and moral life as you are.

Too often we forget that when we’re shouting across the Twittersphere.

We hope the Opinion Lab will help humanise our opinions, and remind us that it takes all sorts to make our world.

Hopefully it will surprise you!

We hope you’ll discover how much you have in common with people who are different from you, and see how varied opinions can be within your own social or political tribe.

Data Transparency 🔬

What you share with us (Input your Demographics here), we will share back with you - with interest. 😊

Big Companies know everything about you, they track you and gather data about you from all over the web, they model your behaviour, and sell that data to other companies to sell you more stuff and manipulate your behaviour in turn…

… but what do YOU know about you?

On Parlia you own all the data about you. Have a look at our Privacy Notice here.

It’s a place to come and share your opinions, and then use sophisticated data insight tools and models (the same ones that big companies use) to see how you think, see how you compare to others, and to see how your thinking changes over time.

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