Opinion selection on Parlia

Proviso: We’re still a small team so will only respond to the Opinions we think are a fit for the site.

What we are looking for:

  • Can be on any topic: We want to hear any opinion or topic area that you find interesting as long as it is brings up genuine debate.

  • Avoid duplicates: Search what is already on the site, and make sure we don’t already have something similar. If something reads “this is bad” we won’t create a new opinion for “this is good” but suggest you do an against on the existing opinion.

  • Genuine debate: Statements of fact don’t make great opinions. We’re interested in covering topics around which there is real and genuine debate, where might be able to help the different sides understand each other.

  • Controversial: Difficult to work through? Lots of perspectives? Strongly held sincere beliefs on both sides? Even the experts disagree? That is the kind of thing we hope Parlia can help people navigate and we’d love to cover it on the site.

  • Sincerely held: We are interested in people sharing cases on their real and sincerely held beliefs, not just made up positions to contrast others views.

  • No straw men: We want to find the strongest most appropriate version of various opinions that are held in the world.

  • Start general When introducing a new topic, start with the basics, and then suggest more specifics.

  • Passionate communities Often communities form around particular perspectives, and we want to find debates where these communities are active. We want to make sure we are mapping these kinds of world views.

  • You’d be willing to write the first ‘For’ We hope you will suggest things that you have a perspective on and would be willing to write the first case for!

  • Popular: some of these we may wait until they have enough good points Of the millions of opinions out there, we want to start with those that are most popular. We promise to get to everything, it just may take a little while, so be patient with us!

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