A place for fact-checkers to contribute to online debates!

‘What matters is the information, not what people think about it.’ - Anna Politovskaya

We agree with Politovskaya. There are eternal facts, and we want your expertise to ensure that we capture them correctly.

So much of our content is built up on facts. Opinions are only meaningful when substantiated. And to substantiate them requires reliable information. How do we know what’s legitimate fact versus fake news? We’re hoping you can tell us.

That’s why we want you to:

Join us and to get in touch - drop a note to Nushy with all your thoughts and ideas.

Edit false information out of contributor arguments? People feel passionately about things. We want them to. We want our contributors to create maps about the subjects they care about. But we don’t want their opinions to be entirely supported by emotional. We want you to use your expert eyes to root out the arguments where the facts don’t quite add up (or exist), and correct them for us. Replacing fake news with the real, substantiated truth.

Something doesn’t sound quite right? Tell us, edit the argument, send us feedback.

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